Road trips are a lot of fun, and often unpredictable. For all the miles you will be driving we always recommend preparing for any situation. With this checklist from Lew Broyles & Sons in Cheyenne, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

semi diesel exhaust

We know how important a good exhaust setup is on a diesel truck. Whether you’re powered by a Cummins, a Duramax, a Powerstroke, or something else, your exhaust plays a major role in performance, engine sound, and even aesthetics. At Lew Broyles & Sons in Cheyenne, WY, our professional mechanics have the equipment, knowledge, and ability necessary to get your exhaust in shape.

fleet of vehicles

If you own or operate a fleet or commercial vehicle, you’ve undoubtedly heard the horrible squeal of a belt on its last leg. Luckily, Lew Broyles & Sons in Cheyenne, WY has the solution.

Windshield wipers are one of those things that you never think about until you need them. From Lew Broyles & Sons in Cheyenne, here’s a reminder to keep yours in good shape, so you’re ready when weather strikes.


As your vehicle ages, it not only gains sentimental value but a number of maintenance measures arise as well. Trucks from previous decades have the potential to keep their value and functionality for many years. Here are some tips from Lew Broyles & Sons to keep your older truck running for a prolonged time.


On a truck that travels hundreds of thousands of miles and is equipped with anywhere from four to eighteen tires, tire replacement is a concept you’re undoubtedly familiar with. For all your tire maintenance and replacement needs, Lew Broyles & Sons in Cheyenne is the place to be.

bumper on a white car with lights on

Your bumper covers are always in danger. Between other drivers, obstacles in the road, flash floods, or any other hazard you may encounter, at some point it’s likely your bumper covers will accrue some damage. At Lew Broyles & Sons in Cheyenne, WY, we can fix that.

truck driving on road

Ride quality is an essential part of your driving experience. At Lew Broyles & Sons in Cheyenne, WY, we strive to keep your truck as smooth and comfortable to drive as the day it came off the lot. Your shock absorbers play a huge role in ride quality; here’s what you should know.

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